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Control playback resolution

Control the video resolution your users receive in order to give the best user experience as well as take advantage of Mux's resolution based pricing.

Default playback URL

The default playback URL will contain all available resolutions of your video. The resolutions available will depend on the video source file. If the source file contains 1080p or higher, then the highest resolution provided by Mux will be 1080p. If the source file is lower than 1080p, the highest resolution available will be the resolution of the source.{PLAYBACK_ID}.m3u8

Use the default playback URL for most use cases. The video player will determine the best resolution based on the available bandwidth of the viewer.

Specify maximum resolution

The playback URL below with the max_resolution query parameter modifies the resolutions available for the player to choose from.{PLAYBACK_ID}.m3u8?max_resolution=720p

The only valid value is 720p and when using this value then the highest resolution available in the manifest will be 720p. You may want to do this in order to reduce your delivery costs, or build a feature to your product where only certain viewers get HD quality.

Secure max_resolution parameter

If you are using signed Playback IDs according to the Secure video playback guide then your max_resolution: 720p modifier must be encodded in the token that you generate on your server.

  "sub": "{PLAYBACK_ID}",
  "aud": "{AUDIENCE_TYPE}",
  "exp": "{EXPIRATION_TIME}",
  "redundant_streams": true,
  "max_resolution": "720p"

Usage in Mux Player

The max_resolution= parameter with Mux Player can be set via the max-resolution="720p" attribute (maxResolution="720p" in React). When setting this attribute Mux Player will internally add it on as a query parameter on the streaming URL.

As with all playback modifiers, if you're using signed URLs, the max_resolution parameter should be encoded in the playback-token attribute (tokens.playback in React).

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